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   The Creative Outlet , Inc. 


Since 1972 the mission of The Creative Outlet, Inc. of Portland, Oregon, a 501(c)(3) non-profit multimedia arts organization, has been "To develop, promote, support and empower individual artists, arts and arts-related organizations in accomplishing their missions."

But from the beginning, to the present, the primary focus of the organization has been community television production and video production training of community television producers.

While training a highly diverse group of community members, hundreds of hours of outstanding local television programming have been created by The Creative Outlet, Inc., also known as The Video Access Project. Most recently the organization has emphasized training in the use of digital video production focusing on digital nonlinear editing using Final Cut Pro HD.

The Creative Outlet, Inc. has successfully sponsored the popular Final Cut Pro User's Club which offers workshops to the creative community on editing for video production.

Members of The Creative Outlet, Inc. have produced or helped to produce news, public affairs, arts and cultural affairs community television programming.



In keeping with our focus this year on Alternative Energy Technologies, see our
newsletter and streamed video
on this and other topics.

Alternative Energy A-GO-GO...

Peace Train Truck Visits Portland...

  • Curtis Reliford's Peace Train Truck Visits Portland, Oregon during George Floyd Protest.
    See the video now.


The following is just a sampling of our many outstanding productions.

Programming Produced:
  • Steel Drum Music on The City Lights Show. Music with its origins in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Northwest Medical Teams International Disaster Assistance Organization
  • Free Geek, A non-profit computer recycling organization
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration, 2005
  • African Dance Theater at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
  • Northwest Animal Companions
  • KPSU Community Radio, 1450AM
  • PEAR, a non-profit education, art and recreation support organization for homeless youth
  • Dove Lewis Animal Emergency Hospital
  • Spay and Neuter Today! Animal Welfare Organization
  • City of Portland's Option-mobile Hybrid Car
  • The Wishbone Project Cleft Pallet Children's Assistance program
  • Poet Speak Forum
  • Women in Solar Energy
  • Good in the Hood Neighborhood Parade
  • The City Lights Show: studio performances by jazz guitarists Cam Newton, Alfredo Muro and Jim Soloway
We are currently producing the following series for community television:
  • The Color Bar Lounge Concert Series
  • Gal Power: Female Entrepreneurs
  • Solar Power Now! and Alternative Energy Technologies

As well as being streamed on the internet, these outstanding documentary series are being edited into feature length films for international distribution.
For more details on any of the information outlined here, please explore the other pages of this web site.